January 1st: True Romance


Release Date: 1994
Director: Tony Scott
Why I picked this: Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay

The characters and dialogue in this romance/crime film were very Tarantino-ish, but the style and structure was very Hollywood. Not to disparage Tony Scott’s direction, as it was very effective. Scott brings a charm to the movie, and does a good job in getting the audience to want the protagonists, Clarence and Alabama, to succeed in their pursuit of happiness through the sludge of crime they journey through. But even with such charming moments, the violence in this movie stands out, with brutal and stylistic sequences. The violence is as satisfying as it would be in any Tarantino movie. The supporting cast is by far the strongest aspect. These players have little screen time, but all are memorable. Gary Oldman transforms into a crazy dreadlocked-gangster pimp, Brad Pitt makes a few appearances as a weed-smoking slacker, James Gandolfini appears in one of the more violent sequences as a henchman, and Christopher Walken, opposite Dennis Hopper, appears in one scene only, similar to his role in “Pulp Fiction,” but he certainly takes control of it, making for one of the best scenes in the movie.

It might not be what fans of Tarantino expect, and the short time of the supporting players may leave something to be desired, but “True Romance” was definitely worth the watch. A fun and satisfying romantic crime movie from the late and great Tony Scott.



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