January 2nd: Premium Rush


Release Date: 2012
Director: David Koepp
Why I picked this: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, duh

Light on plot and heavy on action, this JGL-vehicle never failed to bore me. An overlooked gem from last year, “Premium Rush” is most enjoyable for its frenetic action, clever presentation and direction, and a crazed performance from Michael Shannon as a corrupt cop. The acting from the other main players were fine, but none were memorable. The characters don’t grow very much and the film falls victim to some cliches. The plot is told non-linearly, but the details in the story aren’t very compelling. I found myself a little confused by the climax of the movie, if you can even call it a climax. But the movie was funny when it needed to be, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt still proves to be a great leading man. While the details are uninteresting, the plot is good enough to save the film from being a string of unrelated chase sequences. Speaking of which, said chase sequences, the main drive of the movie, are some of the most fun I’ve seen in recent memory.

Very well put together. The story is forgettable, but if you don’t enjoy watching the action in this movie, you might as well not watch movies anymore.



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