January 8th: Snatch


Release Date: 2000
Director: Guy Ritchie
Why I picked this: Recommendation from my dad

This was a very sharply written and directed movie from Guy Ritchie. While his “Sherlock Holmes” movies are a visual treat, Ritchie’s strengths are more evident when he’s in control of the screenplay. Following different plot lines revolving a stolen diamond and unlicensed boxing, “Snatch” follows a large cast of eccentric characters in dangerous but sometimes funny situations. These characters collide in absurd fashions, and the movie never bores. Jason Statham, who appears to be starring in every recent generic action picture, has a very different turn in this dark comedy. Instead of boringly beating people up, Statham is more vulnerable and relatable. Alan Ford takes control of the screen whenever he occupies it as the crime lord Brick Top. Brad Pitt, who’s always enjoyable in his movies, is entertaining as an incomprehensible and boxing gypsy. The cast overall is strong, with not a single weak link, though the talented Benicio del Toro doesn’t get enough screen time. Movies with multiple plot lines are extremely challenging to craft, but Guy Ritchie makes it look effortless. The plot lines intertwine in clever ways, and they all end on a satisfying note. Guy Ritchie has a very intense and stylistic approach to directing, an approach that compliments the eccentricity and absurdity of his screenplay very well.

It’s a fun and clever movie from a talented writer/director, further bolstered by a great ensemble cast.


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