February 12th: Hunter Prey


Release Date: 2009
Director: Sandy Collora
Why I picked this: Recommendation from a friend

A lot of my favorite low-budget films have a certain charm to them. This did not. I have no problem with the quality of the visual effects, but most of the elements didn’t work for me. To me, it was a barebones sci-fi thriller with an intriguing simple premise; an unknown alien prisoner who has escaped takes down the commandos attempting to capture him until one remains; you are left to wonder who is the hunter and who is the prey. However, the director somehow managed to make the hunting aspect of the movie to be quite boring. It’s a shame, as the beginning action was actually pretty decent. However, as the number of characters is reduced and we focus more on the principle characters, you begin to notice how boring these characters are. This movie sometimes feels like lost potential; it was shot at a desert in Mexico, and there is some great scenery here that made for some gorgeous shots. I especially loved the lighting in brief nighttime shots. I appreciated the low-budget production design, including the costumes, props, and make-up, all which were appropriately sci-fi-ish. However, the dialogue doesn’t nearly match up. And regarding the make-up, it is much more obvious whenever the camera zooms in to people’s faces. Occasionally, there were laughable acting moments. In terms of themes, there are interesting concepts that the two principal characters discuss, but again, the dialogue does not match up. I was told that the movie would be worth it for the ending, but I didn’t even find it to be the strongest part of the movie. The movie also abruptly ended, leaving me to wonder what I had actually seen.

There are good scenic shots, a few cool twists, and a nice production design, but it lacks in charm, excitement, and a decent script.


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