June 30th: To the Wonder


Release Date: 2013
Director: Terrence Malick
Why I picked this: Need an artsy movie to watch

The visuals are predictably great, but everything else is lacking.



June 29th: Super Troopers


Release Date: 2001
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Why I picked this: I previously saw the first ten minutes and thought it looked funny

Great beginning; the rest of the movie might not live up to it, but there are hilarious moments sprinkled throughout.


June 24th: Pitch Perfect


Release Date: 2012
Director: Jason Moore
Why I picked this: Recommendation from my sister

I was initially very adamant about avoiding this film, despite many recommendations. At first glance, this simply looked like a lighter version of “Bridesmaids,” with a little bit of “Glee” mixed in. However, I am happy to report that despite a few misgivings, I overall enjoying watching this college acapella-themed film.

June 23rd: The Awakening


Release Date: 2011
Director: Nick Murphy
Why I picked this: My father wanted to watch this

Not terrible, but very unmemorable, with uninteresting characters and an ambiguous ending that I didn’t really care about.


June 22nd: Ed Wood


Release Date: 1994
Director: Tim Burton
Why I picked this: Often overlooked; also, I just hear it’s really good

A joy to watch. I really liked every character. It was very appropriately directed and acted for the time period it depicts, and is a celebration not only of Ed Wood, but of filmmaking in general.