July 31st: Take Shelter


Release Date: 2011
Director: Jeff Nichols
Why I picked this: Michael Shannon

It may have a simple premise on the surface, but this film is¬†ultimately¬†an intriguing tale about a father and husband’s mental struggle and paranoia.



July 30th: Perfect Blue


Release Date: 1997
Director: Satoshi Kon
Why I picked this: Found out about this from a friend

Mind-boggling and violent; it’s great to look at, but it can’t decide what the main focus of the narrative and themes should be.


July 29th: The Road


Release Date: 2009
Director: John Hillcoat
Why I picked this: I’m in a post-apocalyptic mood

Really great visuals and performances from the two main leads, but I think the main beats from the novel could have been hit harder in the film version.


July 28th: The Conjuring


Release Date: 2013
Director: James Wan
Why I picked this: It was a double feature with “The Wolverine”

I’m not too big on horror, but this was very well shot and actually quite thrilling at points.


July 27th: The Wolverine


Release Date: 2013
Director: James Mangold
Why I picked this: In hopes it’ll be better than that OTHER one

Not bad. A good action sequence or two, and a great performance from Jackman. However, it is a little forgettable, and I’m unsure on how Wolverine developed by the end of the film.


July 26th: Barton Fink


Release Date: 1991
Director: Joel and Ethan Coen
Why I picked this: Again, no clue what it’s about, but it’s the Coen Brothers

Just great to watch, from the acting, dialogue, and imagery.


July 23rd: War Horse


Release Date: 2011
Director: Steven Spielberg
Why I picked this: Spielberg, I guess.

Long and very sentimental. Definitely well shot, and probably worth your time, if you don’t mind the sentimentality.