July 3rd: Spring Breakers


Release Date: 2013
Director: Harmony Korine
Why I picked this: For the plot

Yes, of course I joke “for the plot,” but this dubstep and bikini-filled movie is much deeper than one would expect upon seeing the poster. Being a fan of director Harmony Korine’s film “Gummo,” I was unsure what to initially make of this film upon hearing about it. I was worried that the casting of Hollywood actors and actresses would be detrimental, as one of my favorite aspects of Korine’s previous work had unknowns and unprofessionals; it added this¬†authenticity to the films’ depiction of its subject matter. While this move does feel more scripted than “Gummo,” it is nevertheless still an interesting look into destructive behavior. However, while “Gummo” in my opinion focused more on destructive behavior towards others, “Spring Breakers” looked at the damage we inflict upon ourselves using the spring break and pop music culture as its subject.


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